Fuji DI2 Altamira DI2 Electronic Shifting XS 2013

Fuji DI2 Altamira DI2 Electronic Shifting XS 2013


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The 2013 Fuji Altamira LE strikes the perfect balance between lightweight performance and overall durability. The LE, which is an abbreviation for Limited Edition, is a collaboration between Fuji and Performance Bicycle, in order to give you a superb bike with an excellent spec. It features a hi-tech carbon frame and fork, with efficient, ergonomic Shimano Ultegra and FSA components, a custom paint job, and is available exclusively at Playtri!

The Altamira is an ultra-lightweight carbon road bike designed to perform at a level when every second is decisive. The Altamira features a shorter headtube, which translates into a lower handlebar position for ideal aerodynamics and a race-appropriate body position. Additionally, a shorter wheelbase optimizes the overall agility of the bike for a faster response time, especially while cornering at speed.

The frame utilizes Fuji's revolutionary design process, vibration dampening chainstays and super-thin seatstays for an ideal combination of efficiency and comfort in an all-around competition grade road platform. The C4 carbon weaving process translates into a frame that is incredibly stiff without adding unnecessary weight. The Altamira frame has a Press-Fit BB86 bottom bracket for added stiffness and weight savings. The tapered headtube gives the rider better handling and realization of power transmission, while the chainstays add increased compliance and stability, giving the Altamira an unbelievable feel for mile after mile.

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