Parrot Birds Species Eggs on Sale

Parrot Birds Species Eggs on Sale
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Below is a list of all the fertile parrot eggs that we have for sale

with prices:

Blue and Gold Macaw eggs ------------60 available ----------- $20per egg

Blue Throated Macaw eggs ----------- 46 available ----------- $20 per egg

Harlequin Macaw eggs ------------ 30 available ----------- $25per egg

Scarlet Macaw eggs ---------------35 available ------------$25 per egg

Green wing Macaws --------------42available ------------$25per egg

Hyacinth Macaw eggs -------------33available ------------$30per egg

Goffin Cockatoo eggs ------------10available ------------$20per egg

Gallah Cockatoo eggs ------------24 available ------------$20 per egg

Black Palm Cockatoos -------------15available ------------$25 per egg

Umbrella Cockatoo eggs ------------41available ------------$30 per egg

Congo Grey eggs --------------------70 available ------------$20 per egg

Timneh Grey eggs -------------------38 available ------------$20per egg

Eclectus eggs -------------------18 available ------------$25 per egg

DYH Amazon eggs --------------------20 available ------------$25 per egg

We have incubators, and chicks available for those who cant hatch their own chicks. Contact our farm directly for more details. / Skype : abrabianafrobirds